Up & Away
Film Poster & Main Title

Client: Push Pull Media 

Client Brief:

Push Pull asked us to create a poster for their short film about the 1973 Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape — when three Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteers escaped from Mountjoy Prison aboard a hijacked Alouette II helicopter, which briefly landed in the prison's exercise yard.
Our Response:

Immediately, Irish republican propaganda posters from the 1970s & 80s sprung to mind. Their subject matter and aesthetic was the perfect fit for the film. 

We designed the poster in sevaral formats, including an aniamted version for social media. The type was also used for the main film title. 

Client Testimonial:

Absolutely amazing! So good! We really like the 70s style, the font and the dot matrix work so well on it. It's so evocative of the time. Thanks for all the deadly work, myself and Dan are really really happy with it!

Jamie Goldrick, Media Producer, Push Pull Media 
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