We create extraordinary, engaging and robust design for entrepreneurs, artists and organisations.


Welcome to Bureau Bonanza

Extraordinary Design Services brought to you by Bureau Bonanza — a full-service, Irish design studio run by Rachel Copley McQuillan and Stina Sandström. Loosely based in Dublin, we work with both local and international clients.

We like working with creative entrepreneurs and company start-ups. As well as working with artists and art institutions to make connections between art and communication. Setting the right tone and creating eye-catching looks for our clients excites us.

Our services cover print and editorial design such as posters, books, magazines, company brochures and exhibition catalogues, motion graphics for web and social media campaigns, digital posters and of course, branding, identity + website design.

You can read about some of our work here, here and here and check out more of it here.

We’d love to get more involved in teaching, talks and award panels as well as collaborating with other artists, designers and agencies.

So get in touch if we’re your thing ︎ 


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About Our Practice

Founding Creative Directors
Rachel Copley McQuillan & Stina Sandström

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