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Disco Anocht
Club Night Promotion for print and social media

Clients: Seamas Hyland, Manus Malone &  Jack Banks

Client Brief:

Seamas and Manus asked us to create a poster design for Disco Anocht, a monthly Irish speaking rave up in Conradh na Gaeilge, Dublin. They required us to deliver new poster designs in print, as an animated Instagram square, Facebook Event banner and animated visuals to be projected on the night each month. 
Our Response:

In the design we wanted to  convey a combination or Irishness and Disco. We very much played up to stereotypes, but out of that came something really modern and cool that people just love! 

Client Testimonial:

These visuals have added hugely to our monthly events and helped give them a professional look and feel. Their service has always been quick and professional. I would definitely work with them again and also highly recommend BB to anyone looking for super creative graphics and a professional and friendly service.

Seamas Hyland, promoter


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