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Hen’s Teeth 
G’wan Ireland Exhibition

Print Design 

Client: Hen’s Teeth//Bureau Bonanza

Hen’s Teeth
The fine art prints ‘Seal, I haven’t heard that name in years’ and ‘Me and a family sized bag of Cheesy Puffs’ were designed for the Hen’s Teeth G’wan Ireland exhibition, a great 2020 initiative supporting Irish artists, designers & photographers by showcasing and selling prints of their work.

In a year where many of us relied on the welcome comic relief of memes to get us through the day to day, we thought it would be fun to mess with their wholly transient nature and create something that could survive outside of our devices. Much like the poster itself, that has been elevated from a temporary advertising vessel, the meme too is now a piece of framed art in your home.
Curation & Fine Art Printing: Hen’s Teeth

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