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It’s All About Books
Exhibition Catalogue

Client: Marie Hanlon, Artist

Client Brief:

Marie needed an exhibition catalogue for her show ‘It’s All About Books’ that was held in the DCU Library in early 2019. 
Marie came to us with a very specific brief, including a wonderfully detailed mockup she had made herself. So from there, it was easy for us to meet all of her requirements and produce this little book in the short time we had.
Our Response:

As the show was indeed all about books, we created a classic hard back using traditional book typography. 
This created a nice contrast with the imagery used in the book whilst maintainng a simple harmony with the exhibition as a whole. 
Client Testimonial:

I was given a recommendation for Bureau Bonanza and am so glad I acted on it. Due to several factors time was very tight and I needed the designers to do exactly what they pledged to do. They delivered a beautiful catalogue, ahead of schedule, and were a pleasure to deal with.

Marie Hanlon, Independent Artist

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