Logo Design 
&  Film Titles Last July 

SOAK // Rough Trade // Ellius Grace // Motherland

Client Brief:

Northern Irish singer-songwriter SOAK approached us to create their new logo to coinside with the release of their third studio album, If I Never Know You Like This Again.

The brief was to switch it up with a new logo and create something kinda pretty but kinda messy at the same time and playful.

As well as the logo, we created the film titles for the video of the first single release from the album, Last July.
Our Response:

We created a logo that was adaptable for use across many formats, not just the album, but tour posters, merch and of course music videos.

The name ‘Soak’ is a phonetic portmanteau of ‘soul’ and ‘folk.’ To emphasise the folk element, the logo was created using the typeface, Eckmannpsych, a psychedelic version of Eckmannschrift by Otto Eckmann. It seems to be heavily rooted in late sixties and early seventies aesthetics, but it was first published in 1900. We then customised it to soften it and give balance to the soul element. 

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