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Tjikko Floral
Branding and Web package

Client: Margie Lewis

Client Brief:

We were tasked to create a utopian brand identiy for Tjikko Floral, an eco-conscious botanical stylist. The identity aspires towards Tjikko’s idea of an unfurling ecosystem, flourished with colour, variation, moist and mossy, dry and arid, with intricate shapes and coral like floral organisms, working perfectly in symbiosis with the most advanced human technology. 
Our Response:

We have created an identity that resonates with the clients vision. The custom logotype is fluid and organic, resembling an unfurling creeper that looks futurisitc and ancient at the same time.
Client Testimonial:

I just can't believe how accurately you telepathically visualised the concept after only a very short introduction. I'm actually just so moved! So excited, you guys are making my heart sing with every email!

Margie Lewis, Director, Tjikko Floral
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