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Tjikko Floral
Website & Online Shop

Client: Margie Jean Lewis

Tjikko Floral

We designed and built an immersive portfolio website for eco-conscious botanical stylist, Tjikko Floral.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, floral artist and musician, Margie Lewis, wanted to slowly merge her two professions into one fully immersive sonic and floral experience. Tjikkofloral.com showcases her intricate otherworldly floral design as well as hosting her music in a mesmerising parallax petal portal, encouraging you to have a listen and get lost in this wholly escapist experience. By combining Tjikko’s images and sounds with a diverse range of animated elements, framing devices and the applied branding, we created a functional site that is “an art piece in and of itself.”

Photography & Music: Margie Jean Lewis

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