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Client: Ellen Kenny


Client Brief:

Pretty Wild is a Floristry Studio and Shop based in Bristol. Ellen needed a lot of bits designed for the rapidly expanding business such as business cards, care cards, branded wrapping tissue, stickers, tape etc. We needed to keep the existing legacy logotype but expand the brand identity with a colour way and a suite of illustartions and marks.
Our Response:

Inspired by gangster business cards, we created a three handed gang sign spelling out ‘PW’ as the central motif. Instead of simply repeating this same logo design across the whole suite of materials we created a whole gang of misfit characters that could inhabit the Pretty Wild world.
Client Testimonial:

Magic. I worked with the two absolute Queens, Stina and Rachel, to create a playful, ever-changing, symbolic language of characters that connect with my aesthetic and sense of fun—they created a story and visuals so impressive that they hold my floral installations and arrangements to a standard. Not only do I hope to work them regularly but I would direct anyone looking for a unique take on branding identity and design to hello@bureaubonanza.com

Ellen Kenny, Director, Pretty Wild 

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