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Client: Ellen Kenny


Client Brief:

Bristol based Pretty Wild Floristry Studio and Shop needed to quickly adjust to the new restrictions her business was facing. With doors closed to the public, all shops and services had to adapt to a digital landscape and we were tasked with moving her business online. 

Our Response:

Ellen came to us with her idea—DIY DRIED FLOWERS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS TO YOUR DOOR AND TO YOUR INBOX—and within a week, we made it a reality. We created an online shop and website that Ellen can easily update herself. Expanding and adapting to move with these changing times.
Client Testimonial:

Rachel and Stina, took a ball of tangled thoughts, ramblings and screenshots and distilled them in to a body of work that gives me such genuine and innocent pleasure.

‘I want flowers, but not flower flowers. I want romance but I don't want to be seen as romantic. I want androgyny. I want old and new. I want cool but not too cool. I want something that I'm happy to live through because, as a self-employed, creative person, I am my work.'

Ellen Kenny, Director, Pretty Wild

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